In today's toxic environment, chemical and heavy metal residues and tissue acid wastes are held up in the body faster than ever before resulting in a greater incidence of allergies as well as mental and physical incapacitation. Everyday living in today's polluted and stressful environment with chemicals such as pesticides, additives, and preservatives found in much of our food, water and beauty products can burden our body.

The body's excretion pathways may be able to counteract these negative influences for a time, but they can become overwhelmed after long-term exposure. This buildup of toxins throughout the body compromises our health and appearance. Many healing traditions except Western medicine offer body purification as a means of healing and avoiding disease. Pimples, rashses, dark circles under the eyes, swollen joints; yellow, green and blotched complexion often indicate a build up of tissue and waste inside the body. Other symptoms include headaches, tiredness, overweight, constipation, allergies, anxiety, wrinkles and stress. Modifying your diet long with the Ionic Cleanse Detox sessions can substantially reduce and even eliminate these conditions.

Top 10 Reasons for Ionic Detox Cleansing

  1. Healthy Weight Loss: Maintain the weight that is correct for you.
  2. More energy, better state of mind: Think clearly with more energy.
  3. Restore and regain health: Create a stronger immunity for yourself with fewer aches and pains.
  4. Rid your body of toxins: The detox system removes heavy metals, chemicals and many more toxins.
  5. Receive Relief: From sore and aching joints, which are symptoms of arthritis and bursitis.
  6. Maintain good health: Obtain high energy levels and long-term wellness.
  7. Unburden your body: Get rid of herbicides, pesticides, colorings, additives, preservatives and other chemicals that reside in our water, food and air.
  8. Quick, easy and affordable solution: Restore balance to the body and its organs, with a lessening of the vody's symptoms of discomfort.
  9. Slow the aging process and look younger: Aging of your skin slows and you are able to gain a more youthful appearance.
  10. Rejuvenation: Look and feel great, inside and out, beautify skin and hair.
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Make Ion Detox Part of Your Wellness Strategy

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The ionic cleanse is done by energy producing machines. People usually see the most benefit and detox AFTER a session and not necessarily during a foot bath. When the body is better balanced and charged, the body will be better able to detoxify through its regular channels of detoxification (such as the kidneys, colon and liver.)